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Shell Design Collaboration

By Simon Hope
Thursday, February 28, 2019

We are delighted to partner with Capital Holz100

Holz is German for wood so Holz100 is 100% wood - A technology of construction, employing the use of 100% prefabricated solid wood elements of the highest quality.

List of Benefits

  • Designed tried and tested system in Europe since 1970
  • Supply and Install cost provided and quick to install expert installers national coverage
  • Natural pure wood blend sustainable timber cross laminated
  • Non-toxic no adhesives or chemicals within held together with designed dowels
  • Excellent fire properties 3 hours tested
  • Mortgageable and BOPAS approved
  • All external and internal walls floors and ceiling and roof elements various thicknesses
  • 50 year guaranteed against mould and condensation
  • Certified gold in cradle to grave
  • Certified by FSC and PEFC
  • Soundproofing up to 63 dB.
  • Airtightness up to 0.6 ACH50
  • Naturally stabilizes the temperature and humidity fluctuations, thanks to its air tightness which assures high energy efficiency and low bills
  • Interior can be left natural wood finish or covered - versatility options on interior
    Excellent thermal value - heat insulation for building materials (λ = 0.079 W/mK)
  • Up to 95% reduction in energy use (passive house values)
  • Storm, flood and earthquake resistant tested in all climatic conditions and locations
  • Its multi-layered structure creates a barrier which is impermeable to vapour and humidity
  • 6-10 % moisture content
  • Façade finishes can be any material, size shape or weight.

Any size of development can be considered, Bungalows, Cabins, Garden Offices, Houses 2 or 3 storey, Flats up to 5 storeys.

Capital Holz100 Information Booklet

Click on the image above to view the current brochure

Please do contact us for more information on Capital Holtz100.

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